Beginning 2018 with Seattle Cucina!

We are excited to announce that we have formed three inspiring partnerships throughout Seattle! 

First, we are set to begin a 9-week cooking program with the North Seattle Boys and Girls Club  starting in January. We are excited about this series because it provides students with the practical skills necessary to begin cooking at home, and the knowledge necessary to procure and consume food in a wholesome, nutritional, and sustainable manner.

Second, we will be partnering up with The DaVinci Academy in the Redmond area to teach weekly, after-school enrichment classes and weekend cooking classes to both elementary and teen students beginning in February! We are looking forward to supporting the academy and their mission to give youth a space to learn, problem solve, and explore. 

And finally, our newest partnership with the Miller Community Center in the heart of Seattle is super exciting! Starting in April, we will teach four month-long seminars for kids, teens, and adults focusing on a wide range of skills and specialty topics. 



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Thank you for reading and for all of your support! We hope you find the time to cook and share food with friends and family!



Alice Carli & Erica Weisman


Click here for current class offerings and more information on these three new programs!