Eat Like an Italian @ 21 Acres (Saturdays, April 28th-May 19th)

Eat Like an Italian @ 21 Acres (Saturdays, April 28th-May 19th)

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Eat Like an Italian @ 21 Acres

Ages 7-11

Saturdays, April 28th-May 19th

12:30-3:00 pm

21 Acres Center, Woodinville


This class is the perfect place for a cook with minimal experience but a taste for Italian cuisine. Each week we will whip up 2 recipes from around the Mediterranean while highlighting seasonal foods and fundamental cooking skills. By the end of this 5 week series, students will have the practical skills necessary to begin cooking Italian food at home, and the knowledge necessary to eat in a wholesome, nutritional, and sustainable manner. All ingredients are locally sourced by 21 Acres Center. Eat like an Italian while never leaving the PNW! Class prices include a meal. Allergens: dairy. Other accommodations upon request. 

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