Pizza Party!

Pizza Party!


Time: 2 hour private party

Head Count: 10 (can request more)

Location: Seattle Cucina Learning Kitchen (can request private home or other location if desired)

A fun, classic party with a not so classic agenda! We'll get to make pizza dough from scratch and then choose from a myriad of delicious toppings: red sauce, white sauce, cheeses, salami (pepperoni), and various veggies! As our pizzas bake kids will have the opportunity to make their own dipping sauce!

  • Allergens- gluten

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Class includes: 

  • Aprons (provided for class)

  • Recipe booklets

  • 1 goodie-bag gift per participant

  • All cookware needed

  • All ingredients needed

  • A complete meal

  • 1 or 2 skilled and fun-loving instructors

  • Full set up and clean up

In every Seattle Cucina Private Party:

  • Kids will have hands on fun making their own unique dishes

  • Ample opportunity for creativity and exploration

  • Kids can take breaks as needed, but every party will have ~20-30 minute scheduled in for party participants to eat and enjoy their hard work!

  • Instructors create a safe environment for young chefs to cook and have fun

What do you need to provide?

  • Party participants

  • Contact us with any questions regarding space

  • At least one nearby adult

  • That’s it!

Contact us if you are interested in hosting this Seattle Cucina party!

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