Breakfast Bash!

Breakfast Bash!


Time: 2 hour private party

Head Count: 10 (can request more)

Location: Seattle Cucina Learning Kitchen (can request private home or other location if desired)

Some say breakfast is the best meal in the world, and we agree! In this jam packed party, we will make cinnamon rolls from scratch and savory breakfast tarts (served with some fresh, seasonal fruit). Learn how to make a sweet, enriched dough and roll it up into the delicious cinnamon roll shape! Then we will explore pastry technique and cracking eggs as we make our own individual savory breakfast tarts.

  • Vegetarian options available

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Class includes: 

  • Aprons (provided for class)

  • Recipe booklets

  • 1 goodie-bag gift per participant

  • All cookware needed

  • All ingredients needed

  • A complete meal

  • 1 or 2 skilled and fun-loving instructors

  • Full set up and clean up

In every Seattle Cucina Private Party:

  • Kids will have hands on fun making their own unique dishes

  • Ample opportunity for creativity and exploration

  • Kids can take breaks as needed, but every party will have ~20-30 minute scheduled in for party participants to eat and enjoy their hard work!

  • Instructors create a safe environment for young chefs to cook and have fun

What do you need to provide?

  • Party participants

  • Contact us with any questions regarding space

  • At least one nearby adult

  • That’s it!

Contact us if you are interested in hosting this Seattle Cucina party!

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