Programs & Camps

We offer any of the class types detailed below upon request. 

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Kitchen basics

Looking for an entry-point into the kitchen? Kitchen basics is the perfect place to start for a young cook with little to no kitchen experience! 

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Kitchen for Beginners

Is your child interested in cooking, but doesn’t know where to start? Let's start here! In this class brisket, dal, risotto, ratatouille, french onion soup, scones, lamb, or pizza may be on the menu! Kitchen for Beginners is the perfect place for a cook with minimal experience in the kitchen, but who has had some exposure to cooking.

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Intermediate Kitchen

Is your child comfortable in the kitchen and ready for a new challenge? Recipes such as empanadas, caramel pudding, falafel, gnocchi, stuffed vegetables or meats, or chowder may offer such a challenge. Intermediate Kitchen is the perfect place for young chefs with cooking experience who are looking to take their skills to the next level!

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Advanced Kitchen

This class gives practiced cooks a chance to work independently in an industrial kitchen, with access to a wide variety of ingredients, equipment, and professional guidance. Here, we will explore and perfect recipes such as dumplings, pie crusts, or stuffed homemade pastas! We will also learn the art of making stocks, the five mother sauces and their offshoots, and a variety of techniques. Come put your skills to the test and produce rich, exciting, and show-stopping dishes!

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Specialty Classes

An exciting variety of investigative and specialized classes if your child is interested in delving into one topic. Below is a running list of speciality classes we offer seasonally and upon request:

Mindfulness: Let's Talk About (and Cook and Eat) Food!
Meat & Seafood Exploration: Exploratory preparation, processing, and environmental ramifications
All Good Things Vegan
Pastry and All Things Sweet
Bread Lab
An Exploration of Doughs and Fillings
Pantry From Scratch: Make your own nut butters, pickles, kimchi, barbecue sauce, jams, & jelly
Pickling & Fermentation
Cheese Making, Local Dairy Farms, And All Recipes Dairy
Grow it Yourself: Basic Agricultural Practices & Urban Gardens
Native Edible Plants: An Exploration of Deeeelicious PNW Native Plants and Cooking Techniques
Around the World
All Italian
Southern cookin’
Indian cooking
Gourmet Cooking:
Fine Dining Techniques and Methods
Design Your Own Dish: From Flavor Combinations to Plating