Our Values


Our Vision

For all youth to nourish themselves and their community through mindful cooking, healthy eating habits, and an appreciation for food.


Our Values


  • We believe that cooking can bring joy and excitement, and have positive and long lasting impacts on health.

  • We believe that cooking is an effective way to educate people about nutrition and healthy food choices.

  • We believe that cooking provides a healthier alternative to processed and packaged foods.

Community and Well-being

  • We believe that preparing and sharing food can help families and communities strengthen their connection to one another.

  • We believe that preparing food for yourself and your family develops self-sufficiency and pride.

  • We believe that cooking and exploring food encourages the appreciation and integration of diverse cultural practices.


  • We believe that cooking encourages people to use sustainable ingredients that positively impact the environment.

  • We believe that an understanding of food systems, from production, to distribution, to consumption, is a critical part of practicing sustainable and conscientious consumer habits.

  • We believe that cooking is a practical and affordable way to feed yourself and your family.