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Ski Week Camp - The Great Seattle Bake-Off!

  • Seattle Cucina Cooking School (map)

Ages 9-12

Join us for 5 fun-filled days of baking challenges in the style of The Great "Seattle" Bake-off! Each day we will whip up a variety of classic bakes, such as pastries, breads, pies and shortcrust, chocolate, cookies, and more! By the end of this series every camper will "win" and receive a Seattle Baking Certificate! Price includes 1 large meal/day. Accommodations for dietary restrictions upon request; contains eggs and gluten.


Day 1- Baking basics- Master the basics of baking on Day 1 when we learn to bake the perfect cookies and cake. We’ll bake chocolate chip and snickerdoodle cookies then move on to make an oil-based and butter-based cake to see which cake comes out ontop. 

Day 2- Seattle baking- learn traditional PNW treats- marionberry pie and fisher scones (scones with homemade honey butter and raspberry jam). Students will learn how to make the ever-tricky pie dough and scones all from scratch.

Day 3- Breads/ doughs- pizza and cinnamon rolls are the star of the show today! We’ll learn all about doughs- from the ingredients to the techniques. Students will also pair up and begin to brainstorm their Day 5 masterpiece. 

Day 4- Pastries- Pastries require finesse and baking skills. On this challenging day we’ll learn to make choux pastry, as we create the tastiest ever cream puffs. Next participants will work in pairs to make fancy chocolate mousse desserts.

Day 5- The final great bake off! Campers work in pairs to create the final masterpiece they’ve been preparing all week. Friends and family are encouraged to come by at 12pm to enjoy their tasty work!


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