Snowy Updates !

Hi Seattle Cucina chefs, friends, and families!

It’s been a while, and we have some good news (much better than a week-long snow party)!


First off, we have a new and improved logo!

Many thanks to our very own Sofia, designer and teacher extraordinaire for her beautiful design!

Most notably, we are developing new curricula to run with both elementary and middle schools. With K-5, we will explore the subtle and not-so-subtle differences in store bought and packaged foods versus homemade ones in our Food Detectives course. With a “this versus that” lens, can YOU spy the differences in a blind taste test? Magnifying glasses included…


Middle schoolers will be challenged with critical thinking, food philosophy, and exploratory recipe templates in our Future Foods program which delves into food  history and current environmental context—looking at environmental challenges as delicious community-based opportunities to feed the world in a more wholesome, healthy, and sustainable way focused on place (land.) We all have to eat to survive and thrive—food is the solution!


Now, because research is important and people trust science…

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Our Seattle Cucina teachers are slowly growing in number and in quality!

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Thank you… and

stay tuned for more!


The Seattle Cucina Team


PS Don’t forget about our SPRING + SUMMER Camps!

Alice Carli, Erica Weisman