We threw a party to celebrate our new space!

On September 28th, we had the absolute joy of celebrating the opening of our new kitchen space in Seattle's Fishermen's Terminal.


The team here at Seattle Cucina has come a long way since our start back in 2017. We have grown from a team of two, co-founders Alice and Erica, operating out of Alice's basement all the way to team of 21, teaching out of over 30 schools and running weekly classes out of our own location. We could not have grown so quickly or so effectively if it were not for the support of our friends and Seattle area chefs and educators. This past May, we moved our large operation out of a micro-office located at an Activespace to a spacious and sun-lit 870 square feet space at the Fishermen’s Terminal. A friend custom built our tables, and we got most of our equipment from craigslist or Goodwill- it was a true team effort to get everything in order. Within just 1-2 months, we were ready to open up our space to the public! We knew we had to throw a big party!

Our grand opening celebration was a total blast! Nearly 200 people stopped by to enjoy six cooking demonstrations, work on fun art projects, check out our four sustainable food tabling partners, and munch on some snacks! Two giant pumpkins and a free class for two were successfully raffled off, and many participants took part in our fun "get to know you bingo!" 

This event was more than a party for our new space- it was a celebration of the wonderful and vast food scene in and around Seattle! In the spirit of our beginnings, we invited and celebrated PNW chefs, farmers, and food educators to take the stage and join the fun. 

We'd like to thank everyone who took the time to demonstrate a dish or a cooking skill: Shirin who showed us how to unlock Indian spices, Paula and the team at Wild Salmon for demonstrating a Salmon breakdown and answering all of our questions about the fishing, Jocelyn and Justin, R&D chefs from Portland for exploring hot and cold pickling as well as fermentation tactics, and Al for sharing and spreading his deep love and knowledge of bread baking! 

We'd also like to extend a warm thank you to those who tabled and shared fun activities for all to enjoy - The Neighborhood Farmer Markets, Oxbow Farm, Alki Market Garden Farm, and the Seattle Farmers Markets Association- we had a blast with you! 

Alice Carli, Erica Weisman