Kitchen basics

Kitchen basics is the perfect place to start for a young cook with little to no kitchen experience!



Thorough discussion of kitchen safety protocol, including knives, heat, and foodborne illnesses. All cutting will be done with cut-safe gloves. Heat sources will only be used under strict supervision.

Techniques & Skills

Introduces students to basic cutting techniques as well as stove-top and oven cooking, and recipe reading skills. Recipes are short and simple and all dishes can be replicated at home.

Recipes & Ingredients

Introduces fundamental techniques for preparing common meats, seafood, grains, and vegetables. We choose familiar and approachable recipes, using ingredients easily found at your local grocer. 

Educational curriculum

We use cooking as a tool to explore a variety of important topics relating to food. These include the social, cultural, and environmental impacts of food, food systems, and healthy eating. Classes focus on exploring one or more of these topics in an engaging and age-appropriate manner. See details during registration for specifics, and check out our Curriculum page for more information on all educational content.