Advanced Kitchen

This class gives practiced cooks a chance to work independently in an industrial kitchen, with access to a wide variety of ingredients, equipment, and professional guidance. Come put your skills to the test and produce rich, exciting, and show-stopping dishes!

Prerequisites: Participants are required to have completed an intermediate level cooking class or to present proof of intermediate cooking abilities, for instance in the form of a note from a parent or guardian. See description during registration for details.



Establishes group expectations for kitchen safety protocol including knives, heat, and foodborne illnesses, though participants should be already familiar with these concepts. Students will be offered cut-safe gloves to use at their discretion or upon our request. Heat sources will be used independently with permission and support from instructors.

Techniques & Skills

Helps students master fundamental and advanced skills including, but not limited to knife use, sautéing, frying, grilling, roasting, broiling, blanching, stuffing, and emulsification. Students will practice reading complex recipes with sequential and concurrent steps. Emphasis is on achieving independence in the kitchen.

Recipes & Ingredients

Recipes are selected to challenge the skills and palate of the students. Ingredients are diverse and may require complex preparation.


We use cooking as a tool to explore a variety of important topics relating to food. These include the social, cultural, and environmental impacts of food, food systems, and healthy eating. Advanced classes provide an in depth exploration of one or more of these topics in an engaging and age-appropriate manner. See details during registration for specifics, and check out our Curriculum page for more information on all educational content.